“アーティスト”らの自治的な運営によって滞在制作場所として機能している(artists run the residence)ほか、学びや対話のための合宿型ワークショップも開催しています。拠点を河口湖に置きながらも、東京など各地の企画にも積極的に参加し、現代美術に限らない分野横断的な交流を創出しています。




〈6okken〉 is an "artist-run residence" of six cottages by the lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture — where artists co-live and constantly build unique perceptions around their living surroundings.

Not only is our residency independently run by artists, we also hold campsite workshops for discussion and further learning opportunities. While we maintain the base by the lake Kawaguchiko, we participate in multidisciplinary projects in various cities to exchange views both in and outside of the topic of contemporary-art.

We envision an "artist" as an individual who steadfastly engages with their distinct viewpoints and passions, integral fragments that would fade into obscurity if forsaken.

Here we welcome painters, designers, rappers, farmers, carpenters, editors, office workers or students who ponder their tomorrows.

〈6okken〉was established to connect with society not only through their creations, but also through the way they cultivate life.